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The world of The Halfblood Chronicles is complex. A thousand years ago, a race known as Elven Lords escaped their hostile homeworld - Evelon - and invaded the world where humans lived. Power hungry, sadistic and powerful, the Elven Lords enslaved humanity. Using magic, they dominated the humans and erased every memory of their former lives and culture from their minds. The humans believed that they had always been slaves.

But humans had magic of their own. They had mind-powers, and these were kept in check by collars that negated their powers. But elves and humans were cross-fertile, and the resulting offspring - halfbloods, also known as wizards - were stronger than their parents on either side. Possessing both elven and human magics, they were incapable of being controlled. A great war broke out, one the elves won only through the trickery and cruelty of Lord Dyran, who became head of the elven High Council after his victory.

Afterwards, it was the greatest crime for a wizard child to be born. Concubines were sterilized, and any Elven Lord caught sleeping with any other human was stripped of lands and title. Any human found to be pregnant by her master was killed immediately.

Also in this world, having come by the same means as the elves, are dragons. Able to shape-shift their own forms and to sculpt nature itself, the dragons kept themselves far away from two legged culture. They hid in mountains and the desert, and never interfered with elven or human lives. Other than to play tricks on them. They feared the elves, feared discovery, and cared mostly for their own comfort and survival.

Not all humans had been enslaved by elves, however. A few nomadic races fled to the Southern most reaches of the deserts, out of the range of Elven eyes.

Elves themselves control almost all civilized land.


Elven Culture: Elves are highly political creatues. Elven society is broken down into Clans and Houses. A House is a blood related family, a Clan is a large group of related and allied families. Elven names incooperate Clan, position and House. The ruling government is the Council, made up of the heads of the various elven Houses. The Council is led by the High Council, comprised of a set number of the most powerful of the Clan Leaders.

Men hold all the power. Women are considered nothing but property, and are essentially bought and sold for alliances. They are confined to the women's quarters unless needed for social functions or to breed an heir. There are a handful of female Clan Leaders, but that is a rare thing indeed. And those who do lead their Clans got the position through bizarre circumstances.

First born sons are the heir to the House. An el-Lord is a firstborn son, an er-Lord a second-born son. Elven Ladies bear the title of Lady, daughters the title of 'en', to designate unmarried status. Lords are simply Lords.

Elves are overall cruel and sadistic. They treat humans like animals, sometimes worse. They kill and beat them without a thought, use them, and generally have the mindset of 'if one breaks, there's ten more in the breeding pens'.

Human culture: Humans are slaves. But even in their slave culture, there are ranks. Drudges are the lowest rank. They are the slaves that clean the outhouses, the compost heaps, the dirty jobs. They're often not very bright. House slaves are the slaves which are seen in the manors, the maids and butlers and things of that nature. They're above drudges. Field hands are the slaves that work crops, and are on level with house slaves. At the top of the heap are the bondlings - the concubines and gladiators. Like the elves, humans often fight and connive to acheive a better position than the one they have. Especially the gladiators and concubines. Generally, bondlings are treated well as long as they serve their masters. Gladiators fight in the arena, much like Roman gladiators did. They fight until they die, are too injured to fight, or are retired. A gladiator that is injured too badly to fight may find himself either put to stud or put down. Concubines are pleasure slaves.

There are other groups of slaves - traders, pleasure house workers, couriers. Everything that needs doing is done by slaves. Elves rarely lift a finger to help themselves. Humans have no control over their own life. But due to being slaves for so long, very few ever see anything wrong with their lives. It's how the world is.

Draconic culture: Like the Elven Lords, Dragons came to this world from another, one they affectionatly call "Home"...despite the fact that it has been generations since they left. Dragons have a rich tradition and culture. Living in family groups, they are in tune with the natural world. Their religious leaders are known as Shamans, and each lair has a Shaman. A lair is a large group of draconic families living in one area. Dragons rarely mate for life, and seem to have no concept of marriage. It's not uncommon for children to be taken in by non-biological parents, and fostered by another family.

Draconic families do seem close knit, however. They seem to be a democratic society, unless a Shaman puts down a foot and makes a final decision. The oldest and most powerful Shaman is a dragon known only as Father Dragon, who has no lair and whose word is final among all the known lairs.

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